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Legal and Business Services 

Services that fit your business needs: 

Virtual Counsel

Startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives regularly encounter complex legal and business situations.


You want to understand how whether your new hires should be employees or independent contractors, how your equity will be diluted before bringing on a new partner, what types of compensation incentives you can offer your workers, who your directors should be, what the terms in that commercial lease actually mean, and what to look out for in venture capital term sheets. You have questions. Nova Law has answers. 

virtual counsel

Flat-Fee Packages

Nova Law offers Flat-Fee Packages that clearly state all fees and services included in the package. You'll find a breakdown of our fees, third-party or government filing fees, if any, and all documents you will receive and actions that will be taken on your behalf. You will also know what is not included. 


No surprise add-on services (especially for services that are required to complete your matter). No hourly billing. No invoices. 

flat-fee packages

Custom Contracts

One size does not always fit all. Your business deserves custom contracts that include the provisions and protections that fit your unique situation. You can work with an experienced startup attorney to draft an agreement, corporate document, commercial lease, or other contract that reflects the nuances of your specific legal and business matters. 


All fees for custom contracts, including a full description of all services included, will be quoted upfront. No surprise invoices or unexpected fees. No BS.

custom contracts

Business Negotiations

Sometimes you just need an advocate to negotiate on your behalf. Fortunately, lawyers love to look at situations from all sides and can usually find angles (and advantages) that most people have not been trained see. Besides, everyone hates lawyers, so you can blame it on us for pushing back on that provision that you really don't want to (and probably shouldn't) agree to. 

business negotiations

Contract Templates

Starting a business is expensive and we are aware that many entrepreneurs put off legal for this reason. Fortunately, for certain matters, a high quality contract template drafted in advance by an experienced business and startup attorney may suffice for your needs.


All template contracts available at Nova Docs are well thought out and include comments and guides to explain the provisions (in plain English). 

contract templates

Legal Guides 

What is intellectual property? How do you protect your company's proprietary information? Is your business in legal compliance? What actions require the consent of your board of directors or stockholders? Confused about the various roles and responsibilities of your corporate officers? You are not alone. 


New and experienced business owners constantly face complex issues for which there is usually very little guidance. Blogs can be intentionally confusing, incorrect, or provide only enough information to get advertisement clicks. The well written legal guides available at Nova Docs may be able to help.  

legal guides
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